Traxus Control Traktor [Solo] WebMIDI Beta

The first of our two webMIDI Traktor control interfaces is very similar to the older Lemur version of Traxus Control: Traktor.

It features a large central platter or pad area (depending on the deck type) for the currently selected deck, as well as a module bank on the right hand side for controlling other deck features.

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The module bank can control anything from File Navigation to Hot Cues. It was designed to be expandable by the addition of new modules. You can view up to three modules at a time, and you can store up to three banks of three modules per deck. This will allow you to ‘page through’ up to 9 different modules very quickly. The interface currently supports the following eight modules, and can support up to twenty:

  • Beat Move
  • Effects
  • File Navigation
  • Freeze
  • Hot Cue
  • Loop
  • Pitch
  • Slot Faders

The left hand column allows switching between decks, deck type selection, as well as some quickly accessible high traffic features such as loop and sync that will allow the user to enable or disable these functions for any of the four decks without having to switch the entire interface over to that deck.

This summary is painfully incomplete at the moment, but in the interest of getting this into the hands of our Beta testers ASAP we’re opting to settle for underselling its capabilities with the intent of updating the info as questions arise.

Qualified Beta testers can get started with the interface below, and be sure to post any questions in the comments section further down!

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