Multi-touch Traktor Control. In your Web Browser. Welcome to Web MIDI.

We are excited to introduce our ascent into the world of webMIDI with a ground up rebuild of the Traxus Control Traktor Multitouch interface programmed exclusively in Javascript and HTML, capable of running in Google Chrome.

To facilitate this, we hand coded our own JavaScript library of multi-touch objects including faders, knobs and button arrays along with a versatile MIDI I/O binding framework that allows us to quickly whip up browser contained interfaces similar to what some iOs and Android apps provide but without the clunky editors.

A word on the video you are about to watch: The setup consists of one PC running Google Chrome and Traktor 2.6.8 atop of Windows 10 with two monitors connected. The Interface uses the webMIDI API to send and receive midi to Traktor through a pair of loopMIDI virtual MIDI ports. An optional Python script translates a small range of MIDI notes into QWERTY keystrokes to manipulate the search box in Traktor’s file browser.

The remix deck sequencers are native to the interface and do not use Traktor’s recently released feature by the same name. Native Insturments relased this feature mid development and we were both too preoccupied and too underwhelmed to accommodate them in this iteration (soon).

There is so much more to be said in regards to the potential of this technology, whether it be creation of performance interfaces like this, work flow enhancement tools, MIDI translators, and beyond… The possibilities are absolutely enthralling and we’re only scratching the surface.

Press and Artists may contact us for information regarding a closed Beta.

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