DJ Tech Tools on Traxus Control Traktor: WebMIDI

“Want to make your own custom MIDI controller for DJing, production, or visuals, but don’t have the money or time to make a DIY controller? In this article, we spotlight a project that DJTT friends Traxus Interactive have been working on that allows multi-touch control of Traktor in Google Chrome.”

“So what makes this project so compelling? Creating MIDI instruments for touchscreen mobile devices has always been cheaper and faster for users – but making it a webMIDI / Chrome-based tool is even better. It’s a great democratizer: There are tons of casual developers in the world who know their way around Javascript and HTML. Chrome will run on almost any type of device – regardless of operating system and hardware. There’s no complex or costly app to purchase You can run Traktor and the interface on the same computer – no dual devices required.”

-Dan White

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