DJ Tech Tools on Traxus Control Traktor: WebMIDI (May 25 2017)

"Want to make your own custom MIDI controller for DJing, production, or visuals, but don’t have the money or time to make a DIY controller? In this article, we spotlight a project that DJTT friends Traxus Interactive have been working on that allows multi-touch control of Traktor in Google Chrome."

"So what makes this project so compelling? Creating MIDI instruments for touchscreen mobile devices has always been cheaper and faster for users – but making it a webMIDI / Chrome-based tool is even better. It’s a great democratizer: There are tons of casual developers in the world who know their way around Javascript and HTML. Chrome will run on almost any type of device – regardless of operating system and hardware. There’s no complex or costly app to purchase You can run Traktor and the interface on the same computer – no dual devices required."

-Dan White

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DJWORX on Traxus Control: Traktor (Oct 3 2014)

"The features provided by this template open up doors to Traktor that NI has generally held very close to its vest. I’m hoping that a lot of these tools are eventually integrated directly into Traktor, but until then (and that might be a ways away) this is the best we got, and it just so happens it’s pretty damn good. As a note, this is not a review. Once the final version has been released, and all of the bugs have been worked out, I’ll be providing a thorough review, outlining different workflows and trying to cover all of its features."

-Jared Hefler


Create Digital Music on Traxus Control: Traktor (May 22 2014)

"You can now run Traktor on the iPad, but with a fraction of the power of the desktop Traktor. Or you can map Traktor’s capabilities to hardware controllers – just expect to make some choices, and spread out some controllers. A new Lemur template for iPad does something different: it controls nearly everything from custom pages on Apple’s tablet."

"Platters, pitch control, beat jumping, hot cue manipulation, remix decks – it’s all there. There are massive touch platters that turn your iPad into a kind of scratch deck. You can edit your cues directly in painstaking detail. You even get remix decks – complete with a sequencer."

-Peter Kirn

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DJ Bionic on Traxus Control: Traktor (Feb 2 2015)

"With Traxus Control: Traktor you can control every feature Traktor has to offer through touching and swiping on your iPad or Android tablet. There are other templates out there for Lemur, TouchOsc etc. There are also a lot of hardware controllers for Traktor, but if you’re going that way you need multiple controllers as no one controller features every Traktor function. Traxus Control: Traktor however has it all! Large platters, hotcue triggering and creating, beat jumping, looping, very neat controls for Traktor effects, control over remix decks completely with sequencer!!"



DJ News Blog on Traxus Control: Traktor (Sep 9 2014)

"Well for a start on the soft­ware can give you multiple screens of controls. How many times have you gone searching with your mouse to find a control searching through menus and drop down lists to switch a set­ting on or off? Then real­ize that if you had it on your controller you could use it in a performance aspect as your DJ controller. For example e.q Kill buttons. Not many controllers have that option or searching for that effect you want to use. you can have these things at your fin­ger tips. Enabling you to get the most out of the DJ software and not lock you into the controls your hardware controller has mapped."

-Philip Worrell

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Discchord on Traxus Control: Traktor (Oct 8 2014)

"Traxus Interactive has released what appears to be the most amazing way to play with Native Instruments' desktop Traktor. He's got every conceivable control built in here, along with a sequencer for the remix decks. Best of all this is totally free! Just fill in a form to download it."

-Tim Webb


Hispasonic (Spanish Blog) on Traxus Control: Traktor (Mar 3 2015)

Teo Tormo of the Barcelonian Hispasonic blog covers Traxus Control Traktor v1.2.

"The project has accepted donations for its development, and finally came to light late last year. Updates that have been occurring until last February with version 1.2, has refined the concept and final functionality of the template, resulting in what is probably the best existing control template for Traktor. But best of all, it's completely free."

-Teo Tormo


Gear News (German Blog) on Traxus Control: Traktor (Dec 5 2014)

Another writeup from the East side of the Atlantic. The most visceral reaction Google Translate has been able to convey thus far!

"In addition to the 'basics', the integration of a step sequencer for the Remix Decks likely drive many users tears of joy in his eyes, he really opened up a whole new approach to dealing with tractor sample spinning. "


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DeeJay Basics (German Blog) on Traxus Control: Traktor (Oct 10 2014)

Seems we are growing in popularity on the other side of the Pond! Guten Tag!

Excerpt via Google Translate:

"Traxus Control seems to be the ultimate solution if you want to remotely control Traktor Pro 2 on a tablet and is offered as an open source project available for free download. "

-Jan Schmidt

↱DeeJay Basics↴ (Japaneese Blog) on Traxus Control: Traktor (Sep 17 2014)

While running the crowd fund campagin for Traxus Control Traktor, we noticed some hits filtering in from Japan; after digging into analytics a bit we located this website. Shortly after locating this writeup we saw nearly 10 unique donations come from Japan!

We can't pretend to know what they've written about us, however google translate's attempt seems to hint at a glowing review:

"TRAXUS almost all, that she can control from your iPad operations of DJ software Traktor Pro2 of Native Instruments. Of course, operation pitch control, beat jump, hot cue, effector, remix deck has become possible to scratch operations such as Traktor Scratch by graphic turntable that respond to MIDI clock. Sequencer function and is equipped with a remix deck addition, it allows you to make such operations can not Traktor Pro only (software). Can also be operated in a plurality of iPad. It would be strongest in the Traktor controller that uses a touch screen probably."


DJ Lab / Salection (German Blog) on Traxus Control: Traktor (Sep 20 2014)

More love from overseas, this time from Germany. Here is google translates best attempt:

"TRAXUS is no app. Rather, it is a template for the Liine LEMUR APP . TRAXUS allows after a long development and shorter Crowdfoundingphase, on the LEMUR APP, the full control four decks in TRAKTOR PRO. The functionality goes far beyond the usual addition. Examples include the Touch Plates, at the Inklens 'timecode vinyl replacement' TOUCH TABLE remember or remix cover sequencer, where the concept of DJ Tomash was the inspiration."

-Olaf Hornuf


Discchord on Traxus Scratch Live for Serato (Feb 7 2013)

"The recent Lemur 4 update added many new features to the legendary control surface app. DJ Traxus has taken advantage of one of those features to program the first platter controller for Lemur that will actually behave like a record platter. Previously you could use a knob to advance or rewind, but now you can actually hold the track position, the same way you would on a real turntable."

-Tim Webb