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Welcome to the new and improved home of Traxus Interactive!  A site revamp has been long overdue. The original site was thrown together in a hurried frenzy while trying to release the Traxus Control Traktor Lemur template. It fulfilled that goal and proceeded to totally outlive any expectation of lifespan we had whilst whipping it together. As such, we desperately needed to migrate to a platform that would allow us to quickly distribute content, be it news, interfaces or whatever else we create. We especially needed a comfortable means of uploading and deploying our WebMIDI interfaces; a feature which is among the many new additions.

We’ve got quite a few new features that will hopefully help us keep things running smoothly. We’ve summed up the big ticket items below. Give it a skim and let us know if you have any questions.

NEW: Interfaces Page

Most of you are probably here to get ahold of a Lemur interface or play around with some of our WebMIDI tools. All of that can be found on our Interfaces page, listed in the top right nav. Do note [as explained in the next section] you will need a user account to access them


NEW: Beta Test our WebMIDI Stuff

If you’re interested in beta testing the Traxus Control Traktor WebMIDI Interface, we’ve put together a quick system check that will gather and email us some information about your system. From there we can ascertain if you’re a good fit to beta test.

Basically we want to limit the amount of system related tech support we need to provide as to better focus on the interface itself. We will elaborate more on our reasoning for accepting applicants this in a future blog post.

Apply For Beta

NEW: Flux Pads Interface, WebMIDI For Everyone!

No matter who you are, if you’re running google Chrome on a personal computer, you can play with our new FLUX PADS WebMIDI interface to start pushing MIDI out of your browser.
While we move forward with beta testing for the WebMIDI Traktor interfaces, we wanted to provide something that all of our users could play with regardless of whether they are qualified to beta test. We saw a need for something that could better illustrate our proof of concept even if someone had did not have access to a touchscreen device, access to a $300 piece of software, etc. Basically, we wanted to release something that involved a bit less of a learning curve, and had the lowest possible barrier to entry when it came to required technology.

The interface has full multi touch support but if you don’t have a touchscreen handy a mouse will trigger all of the components just fine!

Try Flux Pads

NEW: User Accounts

All interfaces and downloads will require a free user account. Access to certain items may be limited to particular account levels (such as beta testers) but everything that was available previously still is, and most interfaces will remain open to the general public. We are not beyond the idea of paid accounts via monthly subscription for access to some TBD premium features, but this will take some time to materialize. If and when this happens we will not revoke access to content that was previously publicly available. You can make an account here if you have not already.

Sign Up

NEW: Donation & Contribution Forms

Many of you have been scolding us, for *years*, about not having an easy donation gateway. We have, after much deliberation, decided that it is in our best financial interest to succumb to your demands. The donation form is located under the Contribute section in the main nav, or you can follow this handy button…



As you may have inferred, the Donation page is under the larger umbrella of our ‘Contribute’ section. There are other ways to help out, currently we are casting the net for beta testers and also hope to build a group of translators who can help us convert content to non English languages sometime in the future.


NEW: Comments Section

Most pages will have a comments section if we deem the content worthy of discussion. Note that the pages you access interfaces from will not have comment sections but their corresponding posts in the news + updates section will.

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