Traxus Control: Traktor Lemur Version Public Release

Adjust TR-808 Sequence: Cowbell on every first, second, third, and fourth quarter note; we’re live. After months of development, testing, and an extremely successful crowdfunding campaign, we are proud to present the Liine Lemur Template Traxus Control Traktor for free, in its non-obfuscated form.

We only ask that you do not redistribute it (even your modified copies) without our consent. Otherwise, use it, modify it, run with it, it is yours now. We await with great anticipation what will become of this interface. So far there have been nearly 50 contributions from 13 countries across 5 continents which is an absolutley flattering sphere of influence given our (largely passive) guerrilla marketing.

Huge thanks to our contributors, bloggers and beta testers who helped spread the word and squash the bugs. Only time will tell but we feel that the current state of this project will illuminate a path for other community members who wish to provide enhanced touch interfaces on any platform, for any software.

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