Traxus Control: Traktor Lemur v(1.2.0)

Version 1.2.0 is now available for download (Feb 3 2015), with a sack of new features and accompanying bug fixes! You can see a quick run down of many of the new features in action on our YouTube Channel.

It has been a long road but (we hope…) we’re finally ready to push this version live to the public. Be sure to install the updated .tsi mapping file in Traktor as we have made over 200 new mappings and have also implmented some critical bug fixes regarding the remix deck cells and slots.

  • Multiple interfaces for controlling Freeze Mode:

    • Freeze Platter
    • Freeze Slice Pads
  • Mixer Page updates:

    • Cross Fader
    • Output Meters
  • Large Module Views For Most Existing Deck Modules:

    • Hot Cue Pads
    • Loop Control
    • Beat Move
  • Loop Recorder Control Module:

    • Including short cuts to prep Remix Decks to capture loop
  • Smart Deck Views:

    • Deck Pages now store and recall which modules were displayed for that deck
    • Available Modules will now show/hide according to the Deck Type
  • Scratch Control Support:

    • Select between Internal Playback and Scratch Control
    • Disable internal mixer at start-up to hide all mixer related modules.
  • Much more and countless bug fixes, too many to list!

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