Lemur QWERTY Keyboard v(1.0.0)

Just a quick ASCII keyboard module for the Lemur. It mimics the iPad Keyboard (minus the third page of characters).

We had hoped to minimize the usage of allowable byte space by making a ‘key’ object. The idea being that we could then set the Primary and Secondary output, and the rest would be taken care of, but since we can’t store strings in variables this couldn’t come to fruition (ie there was no good or easy way to loop through an array to generate the keys).

Someone motivated could probably hack and paste it into a more standard style computer keyboard and cut the usage down to 5-7%, but until then this will have to do…

Zip archive contains module file, as well as a template. Change the color of the top most level container and the rest of the keyboard will follow suit.


  • beatsbymillionaire
    Hey, Its Dj that need that keyboard functionality... This is honestly ahead of its time, so it may not have worldwide fame yet but really...how many people would be able to bring new music to world through DJing on a ipad! So why stop working on it? Is there a download for this to work inside of the traxus control for lemur (ipad)?
    • Hi, unfortunately we've had to let the sun set on our endeavors with the Lemur platform. It is just too much of a headache, you can read more of our reasoning behind it here in #5 of our FAQ: https://traxusinteractive.com/faq/#txi-5

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