Developing And Deploying Interfaces That See Global Reach

Traxus Interactive caters to a niche audience with wide spread roots. We saw funding from nearly 20 countries across 5 continents, and have had downloads have had from over 90 countries across 6 continents following the official public release of Traxus Control: Traktor.

We formed in February 2012 as a precursor to releasing our Traxus Scratch Live interface for controlling Serato Scratch Live in Lemur. The interface boasted a long list of firsts, most notably being the first touch screen platter controller for any DJ software, even pre-dating Serato's in house iPad Application by over a year.

Traxus Scratch Live filled several voids, overcoming and compensating for shortcomings in both the hardware controller market as well as within the Serato Software. Traxus Scratch Live went so far as to offer accurate visual feedback of control states at a time when Serato had no Midi Out capabilities.

Following the release Serato's iPad App and their transition from Serato Scratch Live to Serato DJ, we decided to focus our efforts towards building what has been dubbed the most complete touchscreen Control of Traktor to Date.