1ikkai.com (Japaneese Blog) on Traxus Control: Traktor

While running the crowd fund campagin for Traxus Control Traktor, we noticed some hits filtering in from Japan; after digging into analytics a bit we located this website. Shortly after locating this writeup we saw nearly 10 unique donations come from Japan!

We can’t pretend to know what they’ve written about us, however google translate’s attempt seems to hint at a glowing review:

“TRAXUS almost all, that she can control from your iPad operations of DJ software Traktor Pro2 of Native Instruments. Of course, operation pitch control, beat jump, hot cue, effector, remix deck has become possible to scratch operations such as Traktor Scratch by graphic turntable that respond to MIDI clock. Sequencer function and is equipped with a remix deck addition, it allows you to make such operations can not Traktor Pro only (software). Can also be operated in a plurality of iPad. It would be strongest in the Traktor controller that uses a touch screen probably.”


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